1. Empty luggage
    We know there's nothing there! LOOK HOW IT TREMBLES BECAUSE OF HOW LIGHT IT IS
  2. Putting clothes on without showering
    They wake up and they immediately go straight to putting on their jeans without even brushing their teeth first
  3. How quickly they brush their teeth
    Sometimes they don't even put toothpaste on. I'm not asking for their whole higiene routine, but at least make the toothpaste foam so it seems more real.
  4. Going to sleep with makeup on
    Not regular I'm-on-camera-makeup, it's full glam makeup with false lashes on.
  5. Waking up with makeup on
    Again, who wakes up with a contoured face and false lashes?
  6. They have a three course meal as breakfast
    But they leave the house rushing with a toast hanging in their mouth
  7. They look dry after 5 minutes in the rain
    They are soaking wet in the scene, but in the second shot their hair is blown-dry and they even manage to put makeup on (latter for women)
  8. Fake glasses. I can tell they have no crystals.
    And don't say to me it's because the crystals reflect on camera, plenty of actors have real glasses on scenes as well.
  9. When you see the cameraman/woman
    You know when you sneakily see them reflected on a window, a car, or an obvious shadow.
  10. Fake phones
    Literally the same phones they have at display that have a predetermined background and are unusable. I CAN SEE THE HOMESCREEN YOU ARE NOT MAKING A CALL!
  11. Real phone. No call.
    They are "calling" someone, but you clearly see how the lock-screen turns on and off. Why can't they fake call someone realistically???
  12. When you notice they are driving with a background screen
  13. When the green screen is so badly done, you can see a green outline on the actors.
  14. Using fake money 💵 instead of real in a scene.
    The budget doesn't include it or what? Someone needs to ante up if only to borrow the money from their account and put it back later. Geez.
    Suggested by @angela3950