The Mindy Project, my feelings about Mindy & Danny's relationship

I have watched this show on loop. I started quoting lines... It's intense. @mindy / this is up to season 5, episode 1. SPOILER ALERT. #themindyproject
  1. I'm too invested in this show.
    I have a lot of opinions about this show. Sorry not sorry.
  2. At first I was deeply heartbroken and devastated about the breakup. I've been rooting for them since those awkward-moments-about-to-kiss-type from season 1.
  3. I didn't understand why the show took that turn.
  4. Later, I think Danny's true colors started to show up.
    I love Danny, but I think he's very old school with his values and he is very self-centered.
  5. I enjoyed the fact that Mindy didn't stop pursuing her ambition and career goals because of Danny.
    When Mindy said "I'm sorry, because this is Afghanistan and a woman is not allowed to have ambition" after Danny accused her of having too many jobs, I was like YAS QUEEN
  6. The double standard.
    When Mindy said to Danny "Why don't you sacrifice your career and stay at home?" to which Danny responded "Are You Kidding Me?"
  7. The love is there.
    You can't deny that Mindy and Danny are meant to be together.
  8. Do I think they should be together?
    They shouldn't.
  9. Do I want them to be together?
  10. Will they get pass this?
    If Danny suddenly has a change of heart or realizes that he's being selfish and there's a way of working this out, maybe they will.
  11. Ross & Rachel
    I really hope Mindy & Danny's dynamic is like Ross & Rachel's, they were meant to be all along but at the end is when they came back to each other.
  12. What about Danny's new fiancée?
    Her character reminds me a little bit of Christina's. I think Danny has a type for women who smash things.
  13. Yeah, but Danny's going to get married. He's not coming back with Mindy.
    HEY! Ross got married 3 times and got divorced 3 times as well.
  14. What about Jody?
    He's ok, but I don't think he and Mindy make sense. I rather have Mindy with Casey than Jody. Idk.
  15. I hope we see more of Danny on season 5
    Even though he's not a regular anymore, I'm curious about his life and how he's dealing.
  16. I want Mindy to be happy
    Maybe Beverly is right and she needs to wait for the right guy and in the meanwhile get escorts.
  17. I want to myself to be happy, too.
    I really want them together and If they never come back, I'll just rewatch the show from season 1 until season 4 before they fight.
  18. I'll write my own fan fiction.
    This would be my last choice if they never get back together. I'll just pretend they did in my imagination and write cool stories of them in my journals.
  19. I want to see Danny dancing, again.
  20. I could do this again if people here like the show and liked my opinion, if not... well... I'd probably still do it again.
  21. I love you and I trust you @mindy