This is the only way I do haircuts by showing pictures; I'm a person with a vision. I tried to find the most exact pictures between the celebrities and me.
  1. The most influential bangs in my life. Simply iconic.
  2. How can you not?
  3. Back in 2010
  4. Some hardcore Zooey Deschanel vibes
    I do miss this hairstyle on me, but DAMN bangs are such an upkeep
  5. Then It took a turn...
    My main inspiration
  6. Yes, I chopped it all off.
    No I don't regret it AT ALL.
  7. Later, I just got fixated on Michelle Williams
  8. Static
    Ok my head is tilted, but it's the same haircut trust me.
  9. My later haircuts are just variations of her
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Another fun fact: I got the round glasses because of her too.
    If you look in picture #3 I had ray bans already, but they were the wayfarer kind. Later, I got the round glasses type. See above.
  14. I could go on, but It my show I have a selfie problem.