thoughts on watching Dr. No (first Bond film) for the first time

  1. Wow I didn't expect Sean Connery to be this hot
  2. Disappointed that Dr. No a Chinese villain is played by a white man. You could save the time and makeup casting an actual Chinese actor.
  3. The famous bikini Bond girl Honey Ryder turned out to be a pointless character imo
  4. Bond basically took this lady out of the beach into straight danger for no reason. Because at the end he needs to safe her again. She ends up being a burden tbh.
  5. Disappointed to know that Quarrel was scripted (sort of) as an assistant to Bond when in the actual book they have a meaningful relationship as best friends and Bond morns when he losses him.
  6. There are not a lot of action scenes. Fewer than expected.
  7. To be a movie from the 60s the special effects are really good. It doesn't look as fake as you would expect from a film this old.
  8. Besides all the let downs. It's a good movie. 6.8/10
  9. Fun fact: James Bond's last film SPECTRE (Daniel Craig) where SPECTRE is an international terrorist organization actually exists in the first film. Dr. No is part of this organization.