DC Rebirth Week 2

My non spoiler thoughts of week 2
  1. 1.
    Action Comics 957#
    Like Green Arrow last week, this was the surprise best read for me. Superman rang true to the character I knew. The issue also has a unexpected mystery appear that has me keen to keep reading future issues.. This is not a title I expected to continue. This ticks all the boxes of a great first issue. This should have been Superman Rebirth 1#
  2. 2.
    Wonder Woman Rebirth 1#
    Close second . With Wonder Woman I had faith in creative team and they did not disappoint , artist change in the book actually enhanced a story telling beat . Was worried about getting another Origin for Diana but they actually address this concern head on in an interesting way .
  3. 3.
    The Flash Rebirth 1#
    Hard to talk here without spoiling in some small manner so read with caution .... This is picks up right from DC Rebirth and for the first time in a long time I felt I was reading a connected universe when reading a DC book . Glad to see events are being dealt with right off the bat . Grabbed my interest to keep reading this title
  4. 4.
    Detective Comics 934#
    An interesting issue in some ways. I really like Barrows take on new Batman outfit . Has a very Arkham game feel . Good Enough that I might be grabbing the next issue but story will need to pick up
  5. 5.
    Aquaman Rebirth 1#
    The disappointment of the week for me. Not a horrible comic by any means but just dragged out an introduction to Arthur as a character . I'm fine with them doing this but most of it is told not shown and we don't need 22 pages to do it. No story feels set up , and an issue very similar to this was done better by John's 5 years ago . I like Dan as a writer so I'll try next issue but it will have to impress to retain me .