Personal preference of Eddie ... What are your faves ?
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    Surprise hit from James Gunn is just a damn fun movie. GotG comics are great but this film is far and away the best guardians story told
  2. Captain America :Winter Soldier
    Cap solo stories work best for me as a man out of time story or espionage story. This film does both wonderfully. Takes the highs of ed brubakers story while making it important to MCU
  3. Captain America : Civil War
    How do you top WS ? You go bigger , Cap vs Iron man is an epic film of Brother v Brother but actually tightens the story and makes it more personal than the Mark Millar comic. So many characters but all are done justice
  4. Avengers
    The film no one thought could be made. This film was a game changing moment for cinema . How many studios now want a universe . Avengers wasn't even the biggest comic brand until Bendis revived it in mid 2000's .
  5. Ant Man
    The 'little' film that could . Like guardians this film takes a character who has barely been used comics as a solo character and makes us embrace what should be an odd idea. Paul Rudd is inspired casting . Happy to see marvel incorporating this style of Scott Lang I'm the current Ant Man Book by Nick Spencer