1. Don't overload yourself with coursework your last semester.
    When picking classes for the last semester, and even the last year as a whole, don't attempt to take the hardest classes possible. Colleges love that kind of stuff, but unless you're planning on going to Harvard, it probably won't matter if you took AP Chemistry or not. The idea of taking challenging classes is further disheartened by senioritis, which sets in around the second day of senior year.
  2. Have lots of friends.
    It may seem simple, but surround yourself with so many friends you have to turn some down when they ask to hang out. Senior year is not a time to waste Friday nights on catching up on House of Cards, you should be out partying and drinking and whatever else people do at parties.
  3. Don't let others define you.
    Who cares what people think? You'll be graduating soon and don't have to see these people ever again.
  4. Try to go away for college.
    Unless you want to spend another four years with the same jocks and preps you despised in high school, I would suggest going out-of-state for college. Live a little!
  5. Don't base your existence in someone else.
    While it may seem like a great idea to have high school sweetheart you can look back on fondly later in life, don't change yourself to be with someone. Be your own person and do what makes you happy.