Because apparently I refuse to commit these things to memory
  1. What ASMR stands for
  2. What ADR stands for
  3. The difference between parody and satire
  4. How to spell "rendezvous"
  5. That personality test where you get a 4 letter personality type
  6. Health benefits of dates (the fruit)
  7. What "begging the question" originally meant
  8. Where on the globe the Tahitian islands are located
  9. Examples of fractals
  10. What is wind
  11. Is sodomy actually still illegal in some states
  12. Things involving an HDMI cord
  13. How many seasons did Full House go/what year did it start
  14. When did women start shaving armpits/legs
  15. Why do people put batteries in the fridge
  16. Anything involving WebMD
    Suggested by @Danni