Some interesting concert experiences @EventMob
  1. First concert, parents took me to see @paulmccartney - Aggie Memorial Stadium The New World Tour 1993 Las Cruces NM
  2. Using a fake ID to get into a Snoop Dog concert @farwestrodeo 18&up show 1999 El Paso TX
  3. Chicos tacos w/ Sister Hazel @club101 2000
  4. Accidentally ending up on stage w @simpleplan @vanswarpedtour (maybe 2004) - Las Cruses NM
  5. Willies Picnic @wllienelson weekend before senior year and for @egam4 bday - Selma TX (2001/08)
  6. Backstage w @mumfordandsons & @edwardsharpe - Railroad Revival Tour, Vacant Lot in Tempe 2011
  7. Paul McCartney 23 years later @ #talkingstickresortarena Phoenix AZ