Berkeley With Children

Was just there for a week with a 4 and almost 2 year old. Here are my favorite places we took them.
  1. Live Oak Park 🌿
    One of my absolute faves. Nice North Berkeley spot.
  2. The green space winds through a couple blocks.
  3. Oooh I found a Calla Lily!
  4. Let's take a closer look.
  5. Little bit closer...
    Smelling good...
  6. Closer!
    Smells real good!
  7. There's a nice creek running through the park with several safe viewing spots.
  8. Nice long benches for sitting, climbing, running, and jumping.
  9. And there are BUGS! Including this one that the girls followed as it crawled down a drain and into their hearts.
    🐜🐞 We still are talking about this bug.
  10. And there's a PLAYGROUND!
    With a little kids area.
  11. Which has a see saw.
  12. And a big kids area with monkey bars.
  13. We did a LOT of swinging on monkey bars.
    We had highs, we had lows. We had victories and we had defeats. We had laughter and we had a lot a lot of tears.
  14. Virginia-McGee Totland 👼
    Another great park, also North Berkeley.
  15. They have water in this park.
  16. Water and sand!
    The last time they went to this park, they went through their clothes, their back up clothes, and they left naked!
  17. The monkey bars here were a little easier to navigate. Lots of triumphant swinging.
  18. Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round 🎠
    It goes really fast! Great fun for the kids, pretty disconcerting for the parents!
  19. Outside the Merry-Go-Round is a world of green.
  20. Tilden Park has a lot of great trails.
  21. We didn't get past the first mud patch, it was just too much fun!
  22. Cheeseboard Collective 🍕
    Located in the Gourmet Ghetto, this worker owned co-op makes a different vegetarian pizza each day on a thin sourdough crust.
  23. Prices are low, and pizza is ridiculously delicious. They loved it!
  24. And there's live music every lunch and dinner.
    They were captivated along with the other kids there.
  25. Berkeley Bowl 🍋🍊🍓🍇
    Honorable mention, because it's a grocery store. Kids loved it, like they usually love the grocery store. I'd never seen this one eat a baguette before. We did get kid-shamed in the bulk good section though. This store is amazing, but it is a "scene".
  26. Berkeley Rose Garden 🌹
    Gorgeous views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate, and the whole Bay. And an amphitheater full of gorgeous roses.
  27. Then you can take this cool tunnel under Euclid Avenue to...
  28. Codornices Park! 🐦
    Which is another awesome park with trails and fields and of course playgrounds. And this crazy concrete slide. Local kids had left pieces of cardboard you can use to ride down which makes you go a lot faster. She started out pretty stable ...
  29. Then a little wobbly ...
  30. Nice recovery.
  31. Now surfing like a pro!
  32. This playground also has a little kids area, with a fun train car.
    All aboard!
  33. Euclid Avenue 🚗
    The street I used to live on, full of coffee shops, restaurants, and memories.
  34. And more Calla Lilies!
  35. They smell SO GOOD
  36. Just walking through the streets was an adventure.
  37. We never knew what or who we would see!
  38. Each yard is like its own little world to explore.
  39. University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology ⛏
    Inside the Valley Life Sciences Building. Dinosaur bones! The four year old's favorite dinosaur is a T. Rex so this was a BIG hit.
  40. But I really liked the three Triceratops skulls.
  41. University of California, Berkeley Campus 📚🎓🐻
    A fantastically beautiful campus in general.
  42. Great for exploring!
    The historic steps of Haviland Hall.
  43. Some nice trees for climbing.
    Lots of Redwoods to admire.
  44. Yogurt Park
    Requisite, essential, and delicious.
  45. Pacific School of Religion ⛪️
    Great views with nice lawn.
  46. Marin Headlands 🌊
    One of my favorite places in the world, stupendous views on a clear day, however...
  47. They were mostly interested in rocks they found. On the gravel path.
  48. The Mighty Golden Gate 🌉
    They were wowed by the Golden Gate Bridge. We'd been reading so many transportation and construction books so they were so happy to see it. Then we drove across it and it blew their minds!