Lost Our Ballot, Sneaked the Line: We Did It All for the Sticker

A story of raising civically educated children
  1. Yesterday was voting day...
  2. ...in Arizona, where I live,
  3. where I raise my kids,
  4. where I vote.
  5. But don't call it a primary!
  6. It's a Presidential Preference Election.
    The actual primary is August 30. Over a month after each party's convention. Why? Because it's Arizona, silly! Arizona delegates are beholden to the preference election results, but the Nov ballot names aren't set until the 8/30 primary.
  7. When I finally found my polling station, the line was wrapped around the block.
    Maricopa County cut the polling places down from 200 in 2012 to 60 this year, leading to average waits of over 90 minutes. This is what Bernie called a disgrace and why our mayor called for a federal justice investigation.
  8. Thankfully we are registered early voters, that means we get our ballots by mail and can submit by mail.
    But I always miss the deadline and end up having to drop them off in person on Election Day. Actual ballots pictured.
  9. But it was super windy yesterday and a large gust blew a ballot right off my trunk while I was removing the children from their car seats.
    A democracy disaster! I had them looking under cars in the parking lot for 20 minutes before we found it. A democracy miracle that none of us here hit or run over. Too stressed out to take a picture.
  10. Gratefully clutching our ballots we entered the polling station.
    The four year old announced to all that "we lost our mallet!" I recovered enough to take pictures again.
  11. We made our way to the front of the line.
  12. Making friends all along the way.
  13. Then we dropped the ballots off.
    And I took this as I was being told that it is illegal to take pictures inside the voting room.
  14. Thankfully the volunteer was generous with the stickers!
  15. As we left, the four year old announced to all "we sneaked the line"!