Seward, AK is a phenomenally beautiful place on the East coast of the Kenai Peninsula on Resurrection Bay. We loved it, more lists to come about whale-sighting, glacier hiking, kayaking, and eating great seafood.
  1. It looks like this.
    But is also the self-proclaimed mural capital of Alaska!
  2. Most of the Native Alaskan creation stories that I learned about began with a Raven flying over the world which at first was all water.
  3. These 3 told a story about how the Raven fell in love with a salmon woman and made land.
  4. These 3 were a series outside our hotel.
  5. This one is my favorite.
    Note the birds depicted on the windows.
  6. There was just something so serene about these whales silently swimming by on the wall.
  7. Peaceful and beautiful.
  8. Seward is a major commercial fishing spot and sport fishing is a major pastime and tourist draw.
  9. This one depicts Resurrection Bay.
    Named by the Russians who shipwrecked here and built a new ship to get home from the ruins of their wreck.
  10. A very pretty Resurrection Bay mural.
  11. I love this style.
  12. A lot of the murals celebrate Alaskan statehood.
    The Alaskan state flag was designed by a boy from Seward who grew up in foster care and won a state wide competition.
  13. Lots of seaplane action.
    Very exciting for the kids!
  14. There's great kayaking from Seward.
    This depicts a tidewater glacier which we didn't see; we did get to kayak beneath alpine glaciers.
  15. Even the trash receptacles gave murals in Seward!
  16. I was a bit skeptical of the "mural capital" title until I saw the dumpster and trash cans. The trash cans are where they are really working for it!
  17. Even the trash cans that no one sees!
    There's a life lesson to be had here, I'm sure of it.
  18. The Seward library also has a rocking mural.
    But it gets Special Mention due to its unique exterior.
  19. Is it purple?
  20. Or is it green?
    Also yes!
  21. The four year old proclaimed it to be glitter color.
    Apt I thought.
  22. Why don't we make all buildings like this??