Always evolving, but here's the current format... Takes about 2hr from wake up to leave for work. I absolutely love this routine and fitting in all that I can into it. "Discipline is the path to freedom." -Jocko Willink
  1. Play with my infant son
    Need to use this time wisely. Don't want to doze through this!
  2. Make a smoothie
    Water, ancient grains, toasted flax seed, green vibrance powder, spirulina, 3/4 banana (my son gets the other quarter), OJ concentrate, peanut butter, frozen fruit (changes), fresh greens (variety), MCT 8 oil. This is my only food until after 2pm - gets me into ketosis which is a highly alert state.
  3. Make tea for my wife
    Strong Irish breakfast, lots of honey and cream.
  4. Write letters to wife and son
    Sometimes a full card, sometimes a quick note. This is instead of morning pages which I previously wrote. I do a little more quick writing, too.
  5. Deliver breakfast, tea, and letters to my wife and son.
  6. Make the bed
    My wife is usually out of it by now, we can sometimes make it together.
  7. Meditate
    Various types. Time can vary from 5-30min depending on how much I need and how much time until work.
  8. Write a page
    I keep beautiful fountain pens, inks, and incredible paper. This makes it a joy to write and has kept me returning to the page even through the early days of my baby. What I write: quick summary of day, 3 things from last 24hr that were amazing, 3 things learned that I can do better going forward, 3 things I'm grateful for (see gratitude prompts list), 3 things to make today great, affirmations (see affirmations list), and sometimes the four agreements from don Miguel Ruiz. (5-15min.)
  9. 3min exercises
    1min handstand. 1min hang from pull-up bar. 1min plank. I do these to a metronome that clicks every 6s. I wait for 10 clicks. (10bom at 10/4)
  10. A workout, every day
    Usually alternate run + quick yoga, hard cardio, hard lift, long yoga, run + quick yoga, kettle bells, cardio, ... Roughly spacing those things apart. Sometimes bonus if there's more time in day.
  11. Weigh in, shave, shower, dress... Kiss family goodbye
  12. Listen to podcast on commute