1. Edward Aidan Murray Essey
    It's official.
  2. Edward IV, Ed IV, Ed4, E4
    There's a strong legacy.
  3. Quattro
    His prenatal codename.
  4. Tank
    He was born big and stayed big. And he got mobile early. Little dude is built like a linebacker.
  5. Toots McGoots
    Babies can toot a lot sometimes. totes
  6. Butterbean
    An evolution from "one bean burrito" from when we swaddled him.
  7. Mr. Man
    We wondered where we got this from... Until we realized that's what our friend calls her cat.
  8. Little Buddy
    What his nanny Miss Helen calls him.
  9. Xote
    Pronounced: Hotay. Because sometimes he brays like a Don Qui.
  10. Son Bun
    A nickname that my mother has for me
  11. Bunny Boo
    My wife likes bunnies a lot.
  12. Captain Scrumptious
  13. Little Squirt
    Was on one of his footsies
  14. Wiggly Bean
    What date night sitter Miss Tashina calls him.
  15. Chief Squirming Officer
    He's the CSO.
  16. Crazy Legs
    You should see them go.
  17. Rascal Fatts
    Because he's both
  18. DJ1Z
    Go Onesie go onesie go!
  19. Pink monkey