When you have a name like Elizabeth, you gotta have nicknames.
  1. Miss E
    This was started by my parents in an effort to talk about me in front of me without me knowing. I caught on too quickly for their taste.
  2. Pookie
    See also: Pook. My dad calls me this; not sure where it started.
  3. E
    This is just so much easier than all nine letters of my name.
  4. Ebus/Bebus/Libus
    My younger cousins when they weren't able to say my name yet.
  5. Liz
    When I played soccer my senior year of high school, Elizabeth became too laborious to yell across a field.
  6. Lizzy
    Children I babysat for, also my college roommates.
  7. Lizzy-B
    Lizzy as in Eliza, B as in Beth. Only people in California call me this. It's my alter-ego left over from studying abroad.
  8. Hyndman
    Camp nickname/also my last name. Zero points for creativity.
  9. Eliza
    Another camp nickname because someone's hand cramped up halfway through writing my name and we were left with a viable option for a nickname.
  10. Ed
    My first and middle initials, also the beginning of my user name on everything. I get emails for Ed all the time. Sorry, dude.
  11. EH
    First and last initials, became a thing because this is how it looks in group texts via iMessage.
  12. E
    We're back to this, at work mostly.
  13. E-Lizard
    The newest nickname given to me by a coworker who has a nickname for everyone he likes. It's considered an honor and a rite of passage.
  14. .
    Never Beth. I don't hate the name, but I'll always assume you're talking to someone else.