Constantly working toward Podcast Zero (it's something I made up that's like Inbox Zero), but constantly adding new podcasts to my queue. Therefore this list will change. (These are in no particular order and are described by me. I looked at zero actual descriptions.)
  1. This American Life
    What kind of podcast listener would I be if this wasn't on my list? Stories of life in America, and around the world.
  2. Relevant Podcast
    From the makers of Relevant Magazine. Funny, full of inside jokes (you have to listen for a few episodes to really enjoy it), with thought-provoking interviews.
  3. Radiolab
    Well-produced exploration of fascinating topics. Topics range from science to stories and everything in between.
  4. TED Radio Hour
    TED Talks sorted around a topic and presented in snippets with additional interviews.
  5. The Moth Podcast
    The Moth is a storytelling competition/event held in cities around the world. The Moth podcast brings those stories to you.
  6. The Influence Podcast
    Women interviewing other women of influence. They talk about faith, family, and, well, influence.
  7. Serial
    I believe every single fan theory I read about last season.
  8. Invisibilia
    I'm not sure how they describe this podcast, but it's very TAL-y, but about the things we cannot see. I'm still fascinated by the story in the first season of the man who is blind "seeing" by clicks.
  9. Good Job, Brain!
    A trivia quiz-show podcast.
  10. On Being
    Interviews with interesting people about their lives, careers, and stories. She starts every interview, no matter who she is interviewing, by asking about their spiritual influence. I love the varied responses.
  11. Arc Stories
    Another storytelling event, this one out of Birmingham, AL.
  12. Around the Table Podcast
    Jacey and Maggie talking about various topics. I enjoy the "lunch break" episodes where they interview another fun person and always ask about their ideal dinner party.
  13. Freakonomics Radio
    An approach to various topics and issues from an economic standpoint. Much more interesting than it sounds.
  14. Startup Podcast
    Exploring the world of startup business. An inside look at entrepreneurship.
  15. Truth in Love
    Answering Biblical Counseling questions.
  16. The Happy Rant
    Three guys happily ranting on a vast variety of subjects.
  17. 5 Leadership Questions
    Topics and interviews related to leadership. Great listen for anyone in the workplace.
  18. Rainer on Leadership
    Topics cover a variety of issues in church leadership.
  19. Death, Sex, and Money
    Similar to This American Life, but generally focused on one story or interview.
  20. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
    It's like sitting around the table with friends you've never met, talking about life.
  21. The Popcast
    Jamie and Knox discuss all things pop culture. I probably only agree with them about 50% of the time, but they're hilarious.
  22. [MARKED]
    Mary Margaret interviews women who are marked by their faith.
  23. I Tell My Husband the News
    A woman tells her comedian husband the news. It's short, simple, and a great way to hear what's going on in the world.
  24. Group Text With Erin and MeLissa
    It's like being invited into the group text of comedians.
  25. Presidential
    An episode on every president of the United States. An in-depth look at the founders and leaders of our country.
  26. The Lazy Genius
    Kendra interviews guests on the ways they're lazy (about what doesn't matter) and the ways they're genius. Funny and insightful.
  27. The Hope Writers Podcast
    Writing tips for those who want to infuse hope in their writing and creativity.
  28. Two Inboxes
    Interviews with the side-hustle generation. Talks about work, creativity, and second (and third) jobs.
  29. Roam and Golightly
    A travel/creativity podcast. Interviews with people about living a creative, adventurous life even with a 9-to-5 (that may or may not be creative and adventurous).
  30. SBC This Week
    This is a real insider's guide to things happening in the Southern Baptist Convention.
  31. From the Front Porch
    A podcast about books and small-town Southern life.
  32. Word Matters
    A look at hard-to-teach biblical passages.
  33. Sorta Awesome
    A fun podcast with fun hosts. They talk about everything from grilling tips to personality types.
  34. Reply All
    An in-depth look at random internet stories. What a specific tweet means, what happens to internet trolls, how a prisoner starts and maintains a blog.
  35. The West Wing Weekly
    Joshua Melina co-hosts this podcast about everyone's favorite president (and his show). They go through an episode a week and include interviews with actors and their real-life political counterparts.
  36. Modern Love
    Celebrities reading stories about modern love, written for a newspaper column of the same name.
  37. Off Camera with Sam Jones
    Long-form interviews with actors. Sam is a great interviewer and always brings out interesting and previously unheard stories.
  38. Signposts with Russell Moore
    A quick look at major ethical (and some not-so-major, not-so-ethical) issues from the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission.
  39. Longform
    Interviews with long-form writers, ranging from Ira Glass to David Remnick.