(It's been a while since these were asked of me [class of 2003], but I think they're probably still being asked of homeschoolers everywhere.)
  1. Do you have friends?
  2. Do you get to wear pajamas all day?
    On the days we didn't go anywhere, yes.
  3. Do you get to sleep in?
    Usually. My mom is a night owl, though, so that made a difference.
  4. Do you grow your own vegetables?
    No. I mean, we occasionally had a tomato plant or two in the summer, but we didn't really have a big garden.
  5. How can you stand being around your mom all day?
    I never really thought of this as a thing until someone asked me. I was around my mom all day. Most kids are around hundreds of strangers. That's just how it was.
  6. Don't you want to go back to school?
  7. Yeah, but didn't you want to go to prom/play sports?
    We did that stuff. It was different, but we had proms and sports and plays and student government through various homeschool organizations.
  8. So you never really did school, did you?
    Homeschoolers are required by law to do a certain amount of school work a day (in TN when I was growing up, it was 4 hours). We would usually get creative with how we learned, but everything was an educational opportunity. We learned all the time.
  9. Will you homeschool your kids?
    There are too many factors at play to determine this before actually having children, but I have not ruled it out as a possibility.