Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was probably about 12 years old.
  2. I was on a road trip with my mom, my sister, and my grandmother.
  3. We had been inside a museum all morning and had gotten in the car to head to our next destination—another museum.
  4. My grandmother passed out sandwiches while my mom looked at the map.
    (This was before GPS.) (My mom and grandmother always packed food for road trips.)
  5. The sandwiches were bacon, pickles, and mustard on white bread.
    I know.
  6. My sister is chatting about what we just saw in the museum. She's talking to me in the backseat.
  7. My mom and grandmother are trying to figure out the map in the front seat.
  8. I'm eating a sandwich.
  9. That's when it happens.
  10. A piece of bacon lodges in my throat.
  11. I can't breathe.
  12. My sister keeps chatting at me.
  13. I am very calm. But I still can't breathe.
  14. I assess the situation. I am a very logical kid.
    I had recently taken a Red Cross babysitting course where I learned how to do the Heimlich. I knew no one else in the vehicle knew how to do that. I knew I wouldn't have time to find anyone else to help or to call an ambulance. I knew my grandmother and mom would panic if they knew I was choking.
  15. I had to save myself.
  16. My sister is still talking to me.
  17. I still can't breathe.
  18. I calmly stick my finger down my throat and hook the piece of bacon out.
  19. And I lived to tell the tale.