Requested by @migold
  1. Research ahead of time.
    Find out the best places to eat, the most fun attractions, the prettiest views. I like Fodor's for ideas you won't see everywhere, Yelp for restaurant reviews, and the Roadtrippers app for random stops along the way.
  2. Pack thoroughly.
    The beauty of a road trip is that you don't have baggage limits. Your only limit is the size of your car. Pack snacks. Pack a cooler with drinks. Pack clothes for several occasions.
  3. Get your playlists/podcasts/audio books ready.
    You can rent audio books from the library for free! I always like to have one ready for a road trip. Plus podcasts, of course, and music for when you're tired of being quiet or just need something less educational.
  4. Have a loose agenda.
    It's good to have some sort of plan. Decide what all you want to do on the trip. Maybe you want to stay in one spot the whole time or maybe you want to move each night. It's good to have an approximate plan so that you don't miss something you really wanted to do.
  5. But, don't be afraid to stop.
    If you see a billboard for something that looks like fun, stop. Drive a mile out of your way for a promising waterfall hike or the World's Largest something.
  6. Have fun!
    This is your road trip. Don't worry about seeing the "must see" attractions if they don't seem like something you'd enjoy. If the best restaurant in town serves only seafood, but you hate seafood, go to another restaurant. If you'd rather spend four days in one place than in four different places, do that. Enjoy your vacation.