This changes all the time
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    I can't get this song out of my head. How can you not love the romance playing out between Eliza and Alexander? His rap is so cute. Fave Eliza song because we get to hear Philippa Soo's amazing range. And that line, "and you look back at me smiling and I------'m helpless" so great.
  2. 2.
    Say No to This
    Peggy/Maria has such an amazing, sultry voice. I can't forgive Hamilton for cheating on his Eliza, but this song effectively depicts the struggle in his mind to "say no to this" temptation and ultimately giving in. Fave line: R "That was my wife you decided to....." H "Fuhhhhh"
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    Guns and Ships
    Lafayette once again shows off his masterful rapping. Guns and ships and so the balance shifts. I need my right hand man back. Blast this in your college dorm room for inspiration.
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    I never thought the end of the Revolutionary War would give me goosebumps. I thought wrong. The eeriness of the drinking song and the glorious rap of Hercules Mulligan. Such beautiful song writing.
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    The Room Where it Happens
    Burr's angst and desire is so potent in this song. When he breaks into a solo, you just feel for him. The wavering on 'I' is beautifully sung, and I love Leslie's voice. So rich and full of want.
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    Your Obedient Servant
    If you can't already tell how obsessed I am with this show, note my username. My favorite part of this song is the signing of their names. Also, that Les Mis reference is a beautiful nod to the musical and probably to most people's astonishment, my favorite song in Les Mis: Javert's soliloquy.
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    One Last Time