1. Frasier
    I may be the only one of my friends to watch this show, but it's a masterpiece of great writing. Team Niles forever. Ham Radio and Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moscowitz are some fave episodes
  2. Psych
    C'mon son. I've heard it both ways. It is so great and the Gus/Shawn bromance carries this show. I particularly enjoyed the episode with Yang and the Alfred Hitchcock movie homage. Hilarious show. Fave episodes include: Lassie Jerky, Last Night Gus, Heeeere's Lassie, and American Duos
  3. Seinfeld
    It's about nothing and something. Just watched the one about the Pig Man. Great episode. Also the Barber. Quality humor.
  4. Golden Girls
    Dorothy and Sophia are my favorites on this show. Dorothy has such great one-liners. Favorite is when she asks Rose to give her the paper, then specifies by asking for the classifieds, then hits her with it. I also feel deeply connected to Sophia due to our mutual southern Italian roots.
  5. Everybody Loves Raymond
    Robert makes this show. Ray is actually terrible, and Debra is mean. Marie is also the worst. But somehow I still love this show. Probably another Italian thing.
  6. The Office
    I will always watch this show. Especially for any Dwight and Jim pranks. Also Michael makes me feel all kinds of second-hand embarrassment. So much that I had to pause episodes while binge watching on Netflix. Tough times.