1. We actually have DVDs for people to check out. Not kidding. Why would I.
  2. You can renew books online. Many people don't know that.
  3. The grey blocks are desensitizers so you don't beep when you walk out
  4. We hate the construction. It's a passion of ours.
  5. The Lower Level does not have cell service and is by far the creepiest floor
  6. People sleep in the basement during finals week. Just don't. Please.
  7. Workers get goodie bags for finals. Sorry not sorry.
  8. We are all scared of our boss.
  9. One of the library assistants is a roller derby coach on the side.
  10. The lovely Susan who works in the mornings has a full-fledged miniature version of campus that she puts out around Christmas.
  11. We all hate the Hesburgh Challenge and think it's dumb. Please don't throw up on the books. They didn't do anything wrong.
  12. The cataloging room is amazing. But also really creepy. It's huge.