1. Tom Mison
    Look at him. He's so freaking attractive. Plus, the accent and revolutionary getup. How can you not? If you're looking for some quality early work by him, check out 'Lost in Austen' where he plays Bingley. Would recommend.
  2. The horseman...duh
  3. Demons everywhere
    This show is as unpredictable as the outcome of a Notre Dame football game. Anything can happen, and if there's an issue, the most likely cause is demons.
  4. Abbie Mills aka Leftennant
    What a badass. She is fierce, strong and not your typical ditz. She is legit, and the chemistry between her and Crane is great. Also, I enjoy when she teaches Ichabod about modern stuff. Prime.
  5. History
    This gives you some legit stories about the Revolutionary War. I admit, some are fictional, but Ichabod enjoys pointing them out. Quality.