I live in a less than idyllic town in Ohio. It's nice to remember the beauty I got to enjoy on an everyday basis. Enjoy my pictures of these beautiful places
  1. Cimmaron, New Mexico
    Where the Rockies meat the Plains. I would go back to Cimmaron in a heartbeat. I worked at Philmont Scout Ranch, met my love, had some of the best summers of my life, and loved the big sky most of all
  2. Boulder, Colorado
    After I graduated college, I moved back home. My parents has recently moved and didn't expect for their grown daughter to show back up so I lived on a pull out couch on a sun porch. My best friend was in the same situation so we decided to pick a city and move there. Boulder was it. It was awesome, we lived right at the base of the flat irons, went to see tons of shows, and drank so much that the bartenders recognized us and knew our "usual" - a lifelong dream of mine finally realized.
  3. Florence, Italy
    Studied abroad here my junior year and it was amazing. I went over all by myself not knowing anyone else in the program. The best eating I've ever experienced but also the thinnest I've ever been because you had to walk everywhere!
  4. DeBourdieu, South Carolina
    Does living there for a week in the summer count?