1. So, I was all excited this morning because I had a whole day to myself
    I was gonna drive to Pittsburgh and do some shopping, eat delicious food, see Josh Ritter in concert and have a day just for me
  2. So I drive 45 minutes and I'm about to make my first stop - a walk around target just to see what's there
    That's right - the closest target to me is 45 minutes away
  3. But the second I pull into the parking space, my new car (literally purchased 3 weeks ago) dies
    All the lights start flashing, the engine won't turn, I can't even put it in park!
  4. So I cry for a bit and then I call my husband who has to pack our two year old into his two door truck and drive to get me
  5. Good thing it's 100 degrees today!
  6. So they arrive and then he has to talk to a million different people on the phone to finally get a tow truck to come take the car to a dealership
    Meanwhile, my 2 year old is crabby because it's day 2 without a nap and he's stuck in a truck and did I mention that is 100 degrees?
  7. So finally tow truck comes
  8. All three of us are crammed in the front of my husbands truck for the 45 minute ride home
    I have lost some weight this summer, but not enough to make this remotely comfortable
  9. We do stop at the store to buy liquor and popcorn
    Two essentials
  10. I try to redeem the day by making a bomb ass pizza
    Essentially a copycat of mellow mushroom kosmic karma with homemade pesto
  11. And drinking lots of vodka
  12. We also finished Stranger Things
    So good!
  13. But now the power is out. So I'm just gonna sit in the dark and pretend that today didn't happen and that tomorrow is brand new
  14. Or I'm gonna move to Australia