My computer is a treasure trove of online diaries I was too chicken to put on livejournal
  1. Have kids
  2. Go scuba diving
    Not yet
  3. Spend an entire week alone
    This would be glorious
  4. Touch a dolphin
    Still a desire, although i wish it was a spontaneous dolphin encounter instead of a sad captive dolphin
  5. Run for an hour
    Honest to god, if I ever do this I will tattoo it on my forehead
  6. Win an award at my job
    Best third grade teacher please
  7. Wear high heels regularly
    How about "wear high heels never"
  8. Be able to drink responsibly
    I love that this was a concern for 20 year old me.
  9. Touch a buffalo
    Lots of animal touching in this list
  10. Own my own house
  11. Watch all of the Godfathers
    I'm at 1 and a half.
  12. Ring church bells
  13. Break someone's heart/ have my heart broken
    So dramatic 20 year old me!
  14. Eat vegetables
    Still a struggle
  15. Juggle
    I can get behind this goal
  16. Eat a lobster
    I'm surprised it didn't say "touch a lobster"
  17. Leave a $100 tip when the bill is like 20 bucks
    Would be pretty cool
  18. Be happy
    Pretty solid goal