1. We went on our field trip today and it was amazing!
    I love going on field trips - it reminds me of being a camp counselor
  2. We went to an agricultural research center and the kids got to go to a bunch of different stations
  3. We got to see how beehives are made
  4. Then we got to hold baby lambs!
  5. Apparently holding lambs make me look drunk.
  6. We also got to watch a sheep get sheared, and the kids got to plant a marigold to take home
  7. Then we got to go on a hay ride!
    They look thrilled.
  8. They got to explore a creek to find crawdads and other slimy things
  9. We also went fishing
    High fives for no kids getting a hook in the eye
  10. We got to hold baby chicks
    Any field trip where I get to hold multiple baby animals is A+ in my book
  11. Then it was time to head back where the greatest thing happened.
  12. My students stuck the wool they got in their shirts and said they had chest hair!
  13. It's days like this where I really know I chose the right career.