We got together with a bunch of my friends at my beach house for New Years and had a day full of games
  1. Eat 5 saltines then whistle
    Pretty self explanatory. Don't get cocky because the second the first saltine hits your mouth it's instant Sahara desert.
  2. Golf cart races
    We raced the golf cart to the end of the road and back - make sure to charge the golf cart between heats
  3. Tallest sand castle
    We headed to the beach and you had 5 minutes to build the tallest sand castle you could!
  4. Largest intact seashell
    We had the whole time at the beach to find the largest whole seashell we could. My uncle was the impartial judge and ranked them from biggest to smallest and we had our names written on the bottom
  5. Kahoot
    This is a really fun online jeopardy type game that you play with your smartphone
  6. Hexbugs maze
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    My husband made this awesome track out of cardboard and had these little toys called hexbugs and it was kind of like betting on your horse. It was super fun!
  7. Toilet Darts
    My husbands sister always give him a poop themed present and this was this years. We all had to sit on the John and throw Velcro balls at a dart board
  8. Blind taste test
    Inspired by Top Chef - we made little tasting plates and we had to eat them and then guess what they were. It was super fun and made me realize how hard it actually is!
  9. Goldfish drop
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    We had to drop goldfish into a partners mouth from the balcony.
  10. Chubby Bunny
    Shoving marshmallows into your mouth is always fun and hilarious
  11. Beer Pong tournament
    Ooof - the first time I've played beer pong since 2008. I did not do well.
  12. Straw peanut sucking
    Suck a peanut with a straw and move it to a bowl. Really fun and we set a time limit of 1 minute. You get surprisingly out of breath!
  13. Picking up a beer box with your teeth
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    So I played this game with my cousins one time, you put an empty beer box on the floor and the goal is to pick it up with your teeth. The only part of your body that can touch the floor is your feet. You go around in a circle and after everyone goes, you rip an inch off the box. It gets hilarious.
  14. Card in a hat
    We had 15 cards and had to throw them into a basket. It was getting towards the end of the night and we had to scratch a few games.
  15. Cards against humanity
    A hilarious end to the night. Dick fingers.
  16. Score card!
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