1. I met my future husband at a Boy Scout camp in the middle of nowhere New Mexico!
    The odds were good where the ratio was like 1 girl to every 5 guys
  2. It was my third summer and his first. I was the assistant program director and he ran the dining hall.
  3. He helped me move my robot lamp into my room in the bunk house.
    Nothing says love like a robot lamp
  4. He lived across the hall and I always thought he was cute. I would always stand in his line for omelettes during Sunday brunch and would ask him to two step during western night.
  5. We hung out at the local bar and one night I drove him home because I was the DD. He was jamming out to the Ramones and I just found him so charming
    An epic elk stampede crossed in front of us which made the night even more memorable
  6. That night he knocked on my door and said "my boss says I don't have to be in bed until midnight, wanna make out?"
    It was so unexpected, I said yes
  7. Nothing happened after that night but we were always friendly. I was busy making bad decisions with a boy named Anton
  8. Eric and I both stayed on for the fall when the staff population dropped from 1000 workers to about 35.
  9. On national talk like a pirate day there was a party in a little town an hour away and a bunch of us went.
    We became more than friends that night
  10. After that, I was all in. I reread my journal at that time and I wrote "I could totally marry this guy right now" after dating him for a month
  11. He was the first guy I dated that I could be myself with. He was so kind and funny and smart and he had a great beard
  12. I had grand plans to travel to Australia for a couple months alone but stayed in New Mexico to be with him
    Don't regret it one bit
  13. He proposed about a year later.
    My classy first words - "shut the fuck up!"
  14. We've been married for 5 years and have an awesome 3 year old and are expecting number 2 in June.
  15. He makes life fun and is so smart and passionate and he still has an awesome beard
  16. Thanks for the request @Jacksalack !