1. Cashier at a Cuckoo Clock store
    By far the weirdest job I've had - this place was a legit cuckoo clock emporium as well as a million Asian clocks that chimed "my heart will go on". The worst part about this job was that none of the clocks were set to the right time so there was a constant cuckoo-ing. Best 2 weeks ever.
  2. Cashier at a knockoff hallmark store named "Temptations"
    Loved it. Worked there all throughout high school. They had free gift wrap and I got real good. They also had a large selection of ceramic roosters for some reason
  3. Fundraiser for my university's phone-a-thon
    This was a terrible job for someone who hates to talk on the phone. I finally got to the point where I would call my cell phone repeatedly and have pretend phone calls with imaginary people. I once won an award for best effort because I got no pledges even though I "called" tons of people.
  4. Hostess at Smokey Bones
    I had to special order nonslip hiking boots. I actually tried to hike in them once.
  5. Hostess at Ruby Tuesdays
    I served one table and spilled chicken fingers on them. Hostessing it is!
  6. Information desk attendant
    Best college job ever. Get paid to do your homework and watch Greys Anatomy - yes please!
  7. Camp counselor at various camps
    I fully recommend this job for everyone. Some of the most magical times of my life happened at camp
  8. Fitting room attendant at Target
    I also got to answer the phones. I once kept a tally of how many times people called to see if we had the Wii in stock.
  9. 3rd Grade Teacher
    It's amazing to go into work every day and feel excited about what you do. Also kids are weird and hilarious.