Making my sons Halloween Costume

It's my one time I'm crafty a year and I'm all about it!
  1. So last year I made Elliot an astronaut costume
  2. He loved it!
  3. So this year when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he said he wanted to be a train!
    Challenge accepted
  4. I started with some boxes and masking tape.
    I was kinda skeptical that it would turn out, but I kept the faith
  5. Then I added paint and tape
    I was super stoked!
  6. Then we did a fitting to add straps
  7. And tonight he took it out!
    It was a great success!
  8. The face of happiness
  9. Now to watch Harry Potter and to drink pumpkin beer and steal all the good candy from his bowl
  10. Happy Halloween!