Mix CD I Would Make for my Best Friend if I Had a CD Burner that Worked.

So in college, I would always make my best friend and roommate mix CDs that she would keep in her 3 disc stereo💿💿💿 It is a tradition that I miss since we would memorize the CDs and make up dances to them and generally just be the coolest people ever.
  1. 1.
    Sorry - Justin Bieber
    This is my fucking jam! It would be the first song so we could get amped right from the get go. Also she would laugh at me trying to do the dance moves from the video.
  2. 2.
    Don't Hurt Yourself - Beyoncé
    It's hard to pick the best song from the new Beyoncé album, but I really love this one. Love God herself
  3. 3.
    Work from Home - Fifth Harmony
    Catchy as hell. Also we could do lots do good dance moves to all the "works"
  4. 4.
    Schuyler Sisters - Hamilton
    I've told her how much I love Hamilton, and I think this song will hook her. Also this song ties in well with all the "works" from the song before
  5. 5.
    King of the World - Weezer
    Catchy and a lot like old school Weezer
  6. 6.
    History - One Direction
    Don't judge me for my love of British boys with a guitar singing beautifully
  7. 7.
    An Everclear song
    Doesn't matter which one, it just has to be on here. It's not a fucking Emily CD without an Everclear song
  8. 8.
    Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
    We could practice the harmonies while I try to give myself bangs like Jenny Lewis
  9. 9.
    When We were Young - Adele
    We would start to get introspective at this point
  10. 10.
    Where the Night Goes - Josh Ritter
    Tears when I heard this song the first time, I love him so much
  11. 11.
    Offering (live) - the Avett Brothers
    This song is how I subliminally convinced my husband to propose. I'm not sure if Jess has ever heard it
  12. 12.
    Hands of Time - Margo Price
    Saw her in concert and she was awesome
  13. 13.
    Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton
    Another one we could practice our singing to
  14. 14.
    Freedom of the Road - Martin Sexton
    She would probably skip this one because I would annoy her with always trying to get the high note at the end
  15. 15.
    Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    I've had a resurgence of love for this song after listening to "Hold Up" by Beyoncé
  16. 16.
    Ultralight Beam - Kanye West
    This song is so good
  17. 17.
    The Weary Kind - Ryan Bingham
    Time to wind things down, also this is an underrated movie
  18. 18.
    Cover Me Up - Jason Isbell
    Mellow way to end things