1. Silver Bells
  2. Santa Baby
  3. Silent Night
    Instant tear jerker
  4. Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)
    The Jimmy Eat World version is the best.
  5. White Christmas
    Looooooove this song, no matter the version. But my favorite one to sing along to is the one where there's the guy singing really high going "I I I I I'm dreaming.... Of a white.... Christmas!"
  6. So This is Christmas
    If you're lucky enough to know me in real life, my dad and I do a great Yoko Ono
  7. Good King Wenceslas
    A weird favorite. I like when the body guard sings this in Love Actually
  8. Sleigh Ride
    I prefer the instrumental version with the wood blocks pretending to be horse feet. Transports me back to 8th grade
  9. Jingle Bell Rock
    My son does a real cute version, otherwise I always think of Lindsay Lohan doing her thigh slap in mean girls
  10. Little Drummer Boy
    Real good for long road trips
  11. Oh Holy Night
    Another good one to really get your opera voice on. Also I really like the cartman version
  12. Every other song
    Bring it on! I love Christmas music!