1. Mickey Mouse Club House
    Love it. I like the role call. I love that it's They Might Be Giants. 9/10
  2. Little Einsteins
    Super good! It's got a great beat and I really like the countdown part "5, 4, 3, 2 ,1!" Also very danceable 10/10
  3. PJ Masks
    Ugggggh - the worst. Besides the fact that the premise behind this show doesn't make any sense, the theme song is super annoying 2/10
  4. Super Why
    Pretty catchy. It's got a good disco beat and is well produced. It also doesn't go on forever which is appreciated. 7/10
  5. Sofia the First
    Not too bad, not too good. I feel like Disney can do better, I mean they did create "Be a Man" and "bonjour" after all 6/10
  6. Miles From Tomorrowland
    Hated it at first, but it grew on me. I would run to change the channel when it came on. Still not my fav. 4/10
  7. The Number of the Day song from Sesame Street
    It's so catchy but I feel like I can never keep on the beat! Why must I be so white!! Song:9/10 my self esteem while singing along: 1/10
  8. Daniel Tigers Neighborhood
    I love this theme song so much I googled who sang it so I could listen to more of their music. I was unsuccessful. 11/10