1. Slow Asian kid
    This kid would always be in front of me when I was trying to walk to class and as the nickname suggests, he walked very slow. And he was Asian. I sometimes called him SAK for short.
  2. Gnome face
    A not nice name I gave to the girlfriend of a boy I had a crush on. To be fair, she did have the face of a gnome. And a horrible personality.
  3. Glass elbows
    A twee hipster boy who was an English major and rode a fixie and was so skinny that if he fell down his poor glass bones would shatter. My roommate who was in love with him from afar coined this one.
  4. Oprah
    A super annoying girl in one of my larger college classes who ALWAYS had something to say. Just let the professor teach!
  5. Make out boy
    A boy I made out with after drinking half a box of wine. Never learned his name.
  6. Barney Rubble
    An old boss of mine who legit looked like a fatter Barney Rubble.
  7. Staring Girl
    Another campus person who would make unnerving eye contact as you walked by.
  8. Sad Dan
    I had two friends named Dan. One was extra mopey - he got dubbed sad Dan to differentiate when telling stories.