I'm watching project runway junior - what other fledgling reality shows could use the spice of youth?
  1. The Bachelor Junior
    Twenty 5 year old girls are vying for the attention of one boy who is terrified of girls. Every episode ends with him crying in the corner giving himself a cootie shot.
  2. Say Yes to the Dress Junior
    Infants are forced to find their baptismal dress but the climatic moment is dulled because they haven't learned how to speak.
  3. Pawn Stars Junior
    Little kids are forced to determine the value of things they have no concept of like VCRs, floppy discs, rotary phones, etc.
  4. Family Feud Junior
    All the answers would be things like "fart" and "butts"
  5. Teen Mom Junior
    Just an hour of watching kids play with their American girl dolls
  6. 19 Kids and Counting Junior
    Just a kindergarten classroom.
  7. American Ninja Warrior Junior
    This could actually work. Little kids are nimble as hell.