I've got 16 days until the last day of school (only 12 of those are with students). Here's what I'll be day dreaming about at my desk.
  1. KonMari the shit out of my house.
    I read the book during state testing last week and I'm itching to throw things away! I am visualizing myself as the calm, serene, organized person that I've always wanted to be.
  2. Fill in the holes in the beautiful baseboards @RedBeard put in our house over a year ago.
    Sorry it's taken so long!
  3. Go on a camping trip in the mountains of Virginia
    I'm hoping to make Eric fall in love with them so we can move there. I want to go to Charlottesville, see Monticello, drink at a million breweries and wineries, and hike beautiful mountains
  4. Read more books
    Always a goal - I just feel like I never have time. But no excuses now!
  5. Exercise on the reg
    This is how happy I'll look while doing it
  6. Plan fun games for Elliot to do
    I was thinking of doing a treasure hunt, lots of crafts, science experiments, just lots of fun things
  7. Go swimming!
    Got to remember that sunscreen though
  8. Drink more smoothies
    A delightful breakfast both me and the baby enjoy
  9. Keep up with preparing or freezing all the things that are growing in our garden
    I'm gonna need lots of cabbage recipes, bok choy ideas, and inspiration for how to use every herb in existence
  10. Finish my cross stitch
    Maybe even start a new one