I love the Lonely Island. Here are some of my favorite songs from their first three albums.
  1. Sax Man
    Fucking play something Sax Man! The premise behind this song is so ridiculous which makes its that much better. Who doesn't love a sax playing infant!
  2. Boombox
    Julian Caseblancas' hook is amazing and I love the twist at the end - a boom box is not a toy. Also, I went through a solid 3 weeks where I said boiled goose every 5 minutes.
  3. Old Saloon (interlude)
    The best minute long song ever. I love how insane it is and that they can't even keep a straight face while recording it. And Tiny Tim at the end 💯
  4. Bing Bong Brothers
    I enjoy this song unironically.
  5. Jack Sparrow
    The beat is insane, Michael Bolton kills it, and I love singing along to their little asides - "Michael Bolton were gonna really need you focus up"
  6. Attracted to Us
    Another just really good song and you can't go wrong with Beck
  7. Yolo
    The video for this one is what makes me like it so much. Their toothless grins at the end! Also hilarious
  8. Semicolon
    Just for this line alone - "you're acting all Machio; Ralph. But I'll eat all your cats; Alf."