I grew up in a newspaper family, and I always liked to steal the best parts of the paper to read first in the morning
  1. The comics
    Duh. The Washington post used to have 2 sections of Sunday comics which was great in keeping the peace between me and my brother
  2. Parade
    Gotta see if I'm smarter than Marylin Vos Savant this week (I never am)
  3. Whatever section has the Sunday advice columns
    I like it with newspapers have both Dear Abby, Ask Anne, and Carolyn Hax. This is also the section where you can check out what helpful hints Heloise has as well as your horoscope usually
  4. The New York Times Style section
    I love to look at the street fashion
  5. The New York Times Magazine
    I like to read The Ethicist and look at the floor plans of the million dollar apartments in the back
  6. Op-Ed Section
    This is where the political cartoons hang out
  7. The coupons
    I've never cut a coupon in my life but I love to look at them in the paper
  8. The smell
    I love that inky papery smell