1. Deciding want to eat for every meal of my birthday
    A very important thing to consider. I think I'm gonna do donuts for breakfast, Chinese food for lunch, and dinner out with my husband.
  2. First day of school
    I'm always so nervous! I never know what my kids are gonna be like and what if I forget what to say and what if I get through everything I've had planned in like 10 minutes!
  3. Contract negotiations
    We are having a hard time negotiating with the school board so we have to "work to the rule" which means doing nothing extra so that means no open house, no staying after school, etc. It is stressing me out to the max because the school atmosphere is so loaded 😬😬😬
  4. If I can stay up to watch all of the Olympics
    I love them so much but all NBC wants to show me is a million swimming semifinals