I always like reading these, so here's mine
  1. How I Built This
    Way into this. I always feel inspired to start a business and I feel like even super successful people are relatable
  2. My sons Halloween bowl
    He got an awesome haul this year! I like to think it's because of his awesome costume 😉
  3. The Simpsons
    We somehow have FXX on our cable package now and the Simpsons are always on. It's awesome background tv and I feel like I always see something new.
  4. Stok iced coffee
    Really good and smooth. My tiny grocery store has already stopped carrying it because it's far too sophisticated for the hicks where I live. I can still buy it when I visit my parents though.
  5. Old Navy Relaxed Hoodie
    I got this the other week and it's the perfect weight. Substantial but not too heavy, and I love the forest green color