Today is our 5th anniversary
  1. Having someone on your team all the time
    You know that there's always going to be someone who has your back no matter what, but also will call you out when you're being insane or need to change. They want what's best for you and can help you get there.
  2. Having a person who knows all of your stories
    It's great as someone with a horrible memory to have my husband tell me if we've been to that restaurant or brewery. Also, he's heard so many stories from my past that now he knows all my inside jokes and funny nicknames for people.
  3. Built in friend in new situations and built in rescuer in the awkward ones
    If we have to go to a wedding or family event where we know no one - it's so nice to have a partner in those situations. On the flip side if you get caught talking about nursing homes with aunt Suzanne for 20 minutes your spouse is there to rescue you
  4. As a parent, having someone to tag team responsibilities especially when days are rough
    Becoming a parent has been awesome but I sincerely do not know how a single parent does it. I second guess myself every day and having another person as a sounding board is so nice. It's also nice to have someone to pick up the slack when you're having an off day or just not feeling it. We say "Jurassic Park 4" when we're feeling like we just don't want to be a parent right then because that sounds better than "I can't stand my child right now".
  5. There's always someone who is there to warm your feet on.
    I love when my husband crawls into bed and I can warm my feet up on his toasty legs.