Little things that we have started as a family
  1. Ornament exchange
    My husband and I try to get each other the weirdest ornament possible to put on the tree. I look for mine all year. Previous ornaments include a lobster jumping out of a present, Santa riding a pig, and a GIANT green orb with the monster logo on it.
  2. Chinese food when we get our Christmas tree
    The night we go out to get our Christmas tree we always get Chinese food. Nothing gets me more in the Christmas spirit than egg rolls!
  3. Pictures pretending that Elliot is the one putting the tree up
    When Elliot was a little baby we thought it would be funny if we made it look like he was the one putting the tree up and we have continued that every year
  4. Static
  5. Static
  6. The Simmons Screech
    Elliot started this when he was little and he would get so excited he would screech, so we all would start to do it. Now when we're feeling excited or happy we will do the Simmons Screech
  7. Family spin
    A nighttime ritual where we all clump together and spin around while we hug. It is one of the highlights of my day
  8. A butt-ton of pumpkins for pumpkin festival
    The only thing our little town has going for it is the annual pumpkin festival. Every year Eric buys a pallet of pumpkins at the auction and we have a million in front of our house. I love it! It signals to me that fall is finally here.