1. Gift guides
    Yes please! Tell me 15 things I should buy for my dog walker! And don't even get me started on Oprah's favorite things!
  2. "Best of" lists
    I will read the top 10 best books even though I haven't read a full novel in 6 months. Yes, tell me the top 5 albums of the year even though all I really listen to is Tswift and Beyoncé
  3. Those popcorn tins with the three flavors of popcorn
    Why don't these exist year round?!? Pro tip - remove the cardboard barrier and let those flavors mix!
  4. Coca Cola packaging
    Love. It.
  5. It's so easy to find the big delicious bags of pepperidge farms stuffing
    That stuff is hidden on the bottom shelf most of the year
  6. I'm not ridiculed for eating just turkey skin and three different kinds of pie.
    That just wouldn't fly in June