1. Red wine
    On a Saturday night in January when you've cooked a braised piece of meat all day and your house smells amazing and it's snowing outside and you still have the glow of the holidays and the winter depression hasn't set in
  2. Margarita
    When it's summer and you're in New Mexico and it's your day off and you're with your friends and it's only 12:15 but it's the perfect time for a drink and you have the whole day in front of you and the possibilities are endless
  3. Champagne
    When you're seeing your college girl friends for the first time in 2 years and you all live in different states but it's the only time you really feel like you're with people who know you and you talk and talk and talk
  4. White wine
    When the weather has finally started to get warm and the trees are budding and you just arrived at your parents house for a fun weekend after a long week and it's 5:00 and your dad made his delicious hummus
  5. Craft beer
    When you get home from work and your husband and little boy are sitting on the back porch doing something adorable so you sit with them and catch up on their days
  6. Bad beer
    When you're sitting on the beach for 4 hours catching up with your cousins and reading trashy magazines, periodically taking the beer with you into the ocean so you can cool off, holding it over your head so you don't lose it in the waves.
  7. Makers mark
    Anytime you miss your grandfather
  8. Bloody mary
    When you're a newlywed and your house is just starting to feel like a home and your new husband makes you breakfast in bed and you drink your Bloody Mary and are deliriously happy
  9. Vodka red bull
    When you are out with your husband without the baby for the first time in forever and you've already had one glass of wine and all you really want is to go home and sleep but you've committed to being an adult so you order the drink you used to drink in college because parties didn't start until 10 for some inexplicable reason. It's just as gross as you remember
  10. Jaegermeister