1. Weezer "The Blue Album"
    4th grade - first album I ever owned. Can sing the whole thing in order
  2. Fiona Apple "Tidal"
    My 6th grade self was forever changed by her voice and her lyrics.
  3. Rilo Kiley "More Adventurous"
    Getting me through my angsty college years
  4. Rufus Wainwright "Want One"
    The source of many an AIM away message
  5. Elvis Costello "The Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions"
    Dancing in the kitchen with my dad
  6. Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"
  7. Josh Ritter - all albums
    Pretty much every powerful moment in my life has been with a Josh Ritter song - life epiphanies, falling in love, and most recently tears streaming down my face as I felt the pure joy of singing a song I love with my son
  8. The Avett Brothers "Emotionalism"
    Campfires at Philmont
  9. Beyoncé "Beyoncé"
    Dance parties in my car
  10. Jenny Lewis "Rabbit Fur Coat"
    Feeling oh so cool when I studied abroad.