1. King sized feather comforter.
    So warm and cozy!
  2. A whole weeks worth of leggings that don't have any holes in them
  3. Le Creuset anything
    Skillet, Dutch oven, casserole dish - I don't care. Just gimme it in all the beautiful colors
  4. One of those pretty watches that you see in the pictures of famous Instagram people
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    Like this
  5. 52 passes to go see movies in the theater
    With a large popcorn. And a friend to go with me. Especially a friend who wouldn't judge the fact that I like to get there 30 minutes early
  6. A new moleskin
    I'm not an artist or anything, I just like to use it to plan and I feel smug and hipstery when I carry it around.
  7. All the Harry Potter books on audiobook.
    Those things are expensive! But I want them so bad.
  8. A winning fantasy football team
  9. New car
    Extra Santa points if it comes with one of those oversized red bows.
  10. Crossword puzzle books
    Even though I subscribe to the NY Times crossword app, I still miss doing them on paper
  11. Giant luxurious towels
    I want to feel like I live in a hotel
  12. The ability to eat all the bagels I want and never gain weight.
    I'm gonna need Apple to add a bagel emoji on their next update
  13. New pillows for @RedBeard
    Santa always likes it when you ask for things for other people - it makes you look selfless