1. You can list things. Literally anything !!!
  2. You can also number things!
  3. Handy for remembering things
  4. So many ways to list which challenge your creativity and mind
    Ie: a, b, c,...1, 2, 3,.....Roman numerals (not my journey), made up code! So much !
  5. Without lists we couldn't RANK, and showing that one thing is better than another is semi major
  6. My mom likes benign lists and I love my mom!
  7. I need lists to remind me where I'm failing in life
  8. Lists are handy for slam books!
  9. Yellow Pages
  10. Trip Asvisor
  11. Pitchfork end of year results!!!!!!
  12. Rhymes with mist, and mist soothes (shit I gotta update my other list)