1. Why is there always a line no matter what time of day?
  2. Crazy how many religious cross word puzzles there are
  3. I'm really cool and intrigued about the variety of tongue scrapers out there
  4. Floss shame
  5. If anyone ever presses the razor buzzer for kicks
  6. Why there is so much junk food
  7. How I secretly want those power-move glasses that separate at the bridge of your nose, but i don't need glasses.
  8. Old passport technology
  9. How hard it is to find a good man at the pharmacy
  10. Why doesn't CVS have a 500 dollar plus liquor section like the Walgreens on Sunset and Vine
  11. Are people judging my CVS journey ?
  12. Why didn't I pick Walgreens ?
  13. Do the pharmacy staff hang with the rest of store staff or is it clique-ish?
  14. Is this a portal to Hell?
    Suggested by @gillianjacobs