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  1. In the winter,
  2. Upon a snowy earth
  3. The flakes glisten, capturing
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  1. You have broken his grip
  2. On my ankle
  3. Unhinged his teeth
  4. From my hand
  1. I know her thumb well
  2. Yet more intimately I
  3. Know the back of her
  4. Index finger
(Now, of four)
  1. She is not the sun
  2. (How could she be so hard to look at)
  3. No, she is not the moon
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  1. "He [the Bent One] would have made them as your people are now — wise enough to see the death of their kind approaching but not wise enough to endure it."
  2. "It seems to me, Thick One, that what you really love is no completed creature but the seed itself: for that is all that is left."
  3. "The best poetry, then, comes in the roughest speech?"
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  1. I went up to the mountain
  2. Where God did rest
  3. I asked Him to move
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(Of three)
  1. She is not the sun
  2. Nor is she the evening star
  3. She is but the white, illuminated moon
  4. Enticing the traveler towards mystery and art
(Of three)
  1. She is not an evening star
  2. Nor is she the moon
  3. She is but the magnificent, powerful sun
  4. Guiding the brave toward the nightly storm
(Of three)
  1. She is not the sun
  2. Nor is she the moon
  3. She is but a bright evening star
  4. Which guides the weak and lone
A dialogue by E.D.R. Wood
  1. "Work was fine. Same patterns, same annoyances, same life.
  2. "Sorry, dear. I didn't know you were brooding. I'll ask again later."
  3. "I'm not brooding. I'm annoyed."
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